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The Iowa NAHRO Scholarship Committee, comprised of members from the Iowa NAHRO Board, will accept and review the scholarship applications and determine the scholarship amount awarded. All applications must be submitted by February 1st, 2023 and the winners will be selected at the February Board Meeting with notices going out in the month of March. The Scholarship Committee will award two scholarships, receiving $1,000 each, paid directly to the accredited institution of higher education, or directly to the candidate at the Board's discretion.

Rules, Procedures, and Eligibility
  1. Scholarship applications are made available to eligible agencies. An eligible agency is a member agency in good standing with Iowa NAHRO.
  2. Eligible individuals must be a graduating high school senior, or possess a high school diploma or GED, applying to or attending an accredited institution of higher education. If currently attending college, applicant must be registered for at least two (2) classes.
  3. Category One: Eligible individuals are residents living in a household or being provided a service managed by an eligible agency:
    1. A family member of the immediate household that has been the recipient of rental housing assistance (funded under an executed rent assistance contract) for at least one year of the last two years, from a local housing authority (PHA) or other agency in good standing and having an Agency or Individual Membership to Iowa NAHRO.
    2. OR, any immediate household member of a recipient of HOME or CDBG funds assistance (as evidenced by recipient signature and dated work contract or completion inspection signoff) within the most recent two years, from a Community Development Agency or not-for-profit CHODO providing housing assistance, that is in good standing and having an Agency or Individual Membership to Iowa NAHRO.
    3. Public Housing, Section 8, and federally assisted residents as outlined above will be eligible to have their application submitted to the region: NCRC NAHRO. One scholarship from each region may be eligible to receive an additional $1,000 and two exemplary applications receiving an additional $2,000 and $5,000 respectively.
  4. Category Two: Any immediate family member of an employee, or an employee of, a Local or Regional Housing Agency (PHA), Community Development Agency, or not-for-profit CHODO, providing housing assistance, that is in good standing and has an Agency or Individual Membership to Iowa NAHRO. This scholarship category is only offered by the Iowa Chapter of NAHRO, therefore, this category is not eligible to have their application submitted to Regional NAHRO for consideration of additional scholarship monies.

Eligible applicants will be selected from Category 1: Resident, and Category 2: Employee of PHA.
All applications and documentation must be sent no later than February 1st, 2023 to:
Dawn Lorenzen
Iowa NAHRO Scholarship Committee Chair
c/o Manning Municipal Housing Agency
421 Center Street
Manning, IA 51455
Phone: 712-655-2155

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Anyone who has previously received an Iowa NAHRO sponsored scholarship will not be eligible to reapply for additional funding.