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Iowa NAHRO Annual Awards of Excellence

Awards for Excellence Nominations

Four prestigious Awards for Excellence may be awarded annually by Iowa NAHRO for creative services. Take time to reflect on the professionalism of your colleagues and nominate one of them for an award. For a nomination form and more information click on the IA NAHRO Annual Awards Program link below.

1. THE HOUSING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – to be made for innovative or creative use of housing resources to better serve our communities or state.

2. THE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AWARD – For innovative or creative use of Community Development programs, neighborhood redevelopment programs, historic preservation sites, or other efforts to sustain and improve our communities.

3. THE R. JACK PAETZ FRIEND OF NAHRO AWARD – This award is to be made to an individual who does not necessarily have to be a chapter member, who has worked diligently to further the goals and scope of housing and community development programs, either on a local, regional, state or national level.

4. THE PRESIDENTS SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD – Candidates for this award are chosen for outstanding service to the chapter or innovative ways to utilize resources in our communities to solidify or expand the range of housing or community development options.

Take a few minutes to reflect and make your nominations. Awards will be given out at the annual conference in April of each year. Iowa NAHRO Annual Awards Program