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IOWA NAHRO Poster Contest


IOWA NAHRO is pleased to announce the annual “What Home Means to Me” poster contest is officially underway.

The contest is for youth, Kindergarten through Grade 12, who live in affordable and assisted housing.

Contest Age Categories:
Elementary - K to 5th grade;
Middle - 6th to 8th grade;
High – 9th to 12th grade

IOWA NAHRO will recognize one winner from each category, who will then be forwarded to Regional (NCRC NAHRO) for national poster contest consideration.

(Send poster contest entries to Iowa NAHRO for Selection. Submissions sent directly to NAHRO will be disqualified.)

Click the picture below to view the application:

Iowa NAHRO submissions should be made to:

Central Iowa Regional Housing Authority
Marcy Conner
1201 SE Gateway Drive
Grimes, IA 50111

The deadline for submission of poster entries is February 1, 2020.